'Extraction' Star Chris Hemsworth Delivers Promising News on Netflix Hit's Sequel

Extraction starring Avengers star Chris Hemsworth delivered one of the biggest original hits for Netflix in April 2020. The action film was written by Avengers director Joe Russo and directed by first-timer Sam Hargrave, with Hemsworth taking on one of his non-superhero roles in gritty fashion.

Now we know more about the sequel that is in motion and the plans for a larger universe sprouting from the film. The most significant tidbit to come out of Tudum fan event from Netflix is confirmation that Hemsworth's Tyler Rake will return with his life intact.

Spoiler alert from now on for Extraction on Netflix. The film follows Rake after he is recruited to rescue the son of an Indian drug lord kidnapped by dirty cops working for a rival drug dealer. The Australian army vet and black market mercenary has built a reputation for extracting persons of interest from challenging situations.

The job to extract Ovi becomes complicated, which most great action movies of this type always seem to do, leaving Rake to improvise, call in old friends for help and eventually nearly sacrifice themselves for their target. In the end, Hemsworth's character falls into the river with apparent mortal injuries, but he then seemingly returns later watching Ovi, the kidnapped son, diving into a school swimming pool.

While it wasn't clear, the return of Rake from the clutches of death makes the sequel pop more than expected for Netflix viewers. Still, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the film to some changes nobody likely predicted. Initially, the film was set to be filmed in Australia but thwarted by the continued COVID protocols in some parts of the country. So now the film has moved production to Prague in the Czech Republic.


According to Variety, the preparations for the shoot had already started in New South Wales, Australia, but later moved by Netflix due to shutdown fears. Variety adds that Hemsworth's schedule played a significant factor and he is set to return to Australia for production on Mad Max: Fury Road prequel Furiousa.

The same can be said for the film's planned production in India, which also fell apart due to the pandemic. The setting of Dhaka will now be created using Prague and Thailand sets.