Fate of 'Evil' Season 3 Revealed at Paramount+

Evil has been a big hit for CBS Studios and Paramount+, and now we know the fate of the show's future. According to Variety, Evil will get a Season 3 at the ViacomCBS streaming service. The exciting news comes after the series was moved from CBS to Paramount+, beginning with its recent second season.

Evil follows Catholic Church assessor David (Mike Colter), forensic psychologist Kristen (Katja Herbers) and skeptical tech-specialist Ben (Aasif Mandvi) as they investigate potential demonic activity around the world. The series also features Michael Emerson (Lost) as the group's ne'er-do-well antogonist Leland Townsend. The show was created by Robert and Michelle King, who also produce through their company, King Size Productions. The married couple recently extended their five-year overall producing deal with CBS Studios, which could mean more seasons of Evil in the future, as well as other potential new series.

The Kings also produce The Good Fight for Paramount+, and recently spoke with Variety about how they wound up in such a perfect position. "We're just the silly creatives that are like, 'OK, guide us along. Tell us why this is a good idea!'" Robert joked.

Notably, the move to Paramount+ opened up the doors for Evil to be more mature, as the restrictions are much less than on broadcast TV. The Kings revealed that they had been in the middle of editing Episode 5 of Season 2, when they found out about the move, so they made changes accordingly. "We had footage that was a little like, 'Oh f—, we'll never get this past standards and practices!'"

Michelle added, "We are now editing with Paramount Plus in mind. So it will feel like a streaming show." She then said with a laugh, "It's been tough to do sin with network standards."


Paramount+ offers near-countless hours of streaming content from a deep catalog that includes TV and film projects from ViacomCBS' portfolio. This includes broadcast, news, sports, and entertainment brands, as well as a number of original titles, such as the newly branded Evil. For those interested, Paramount+ is available in two different tiers: an ad-supported tier that costs $4.99 per month, and an the ad-free tier with a price tag of $9.99 per month. A free trial subscription to Paramount+ is available by clicking here.

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