'Emily in Paris' Season 3 Trailer Released

Emily Cooper is ready to return to her frustrating ways in Paris. Earlier this week, Netflix released the first trailer for Emily in Paris Season 3, and it promises to take viewers on a ride as wild as the first two seasons. Following the dramatic Season 3 cliffhanger, Emily now has to make a choice... or does she?

"All my life, I have been practical," Emily (Lily Collins) told Mindy (Ashley Park) at the beginning of the trailer. "I make one romantic decision and it bit me in the ass." After Mindy asked her if she was referring to work or Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), Emily reveals that she was talking about her overall decision to come to Paris.

At the end of Season 2, Emily had to decide between staying employed by Madeline Wheeler (Kate Walsh) or remaining in Paris to help Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) start a new marketing firm. As revealed in the trailer though, Emily has chosen to work both jobs! It turns out that romance is not the only thing Emily has trouble deciding on.

In her French class, Emily translated a phrase as "Not choosing is still choosing." Her teacher reminded her that even not choosing still has consequences, so it's still a choice. "But how do we know we're making the right one?" Emily wondered.

The trailer teases plenty of other awkward moments. It looks like there will be an episode where Emily takes a train ride with both Gabriel and Alfie (Lucien Laviscount). Awkward! "You always talk about work-life balance and right now, I'm all about life," Emily told Alfie in one scene. There is also a funny culture-clash moment at the end of the trailer when Gabriel does not get Emily's reference to The Golden Girls' theme song.

Emily in Paris Season 3 will debut on Dec. 21, almost exactly a year after Season 2 was released. The series was created by Darren Starr and is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios for Netflix. Other members of the main cast include Samuel Arnold, Bruno Gouery, Camille Raza, and William Abadie. The show was already renewed through Season 4.

"I genuinely don't know and we keep being like, 'So when am I going to find out? Are we going to find out? Do we get to go to season 3? What happens?'" Collins told Entertainment Tonight last year when asked about Season 3. "We really want to know. Let's be real, I think Emily would love a trip to London. I think that would be really fun but honestly, it's a really quick Eurostar trip. Who's to say she can't have both? We'll have to see. She's also very honored and surprised that Sylvie wants her to come with her to the new business so I don't know!"