Have You Seen Disney+'s New Versions of 'Moana' and 'Encanto'?

Disney+ released new variations of Moana and Encanto this summer as part of its ongoing experiment with "Sing-Along versions" of hit Disney movies. These new cuts come with karaoke-style accompaniment so that fans can sing along together as they watch. Disney+ released the first of these back in March, and it was successful enough to spawn these two follow-ups in July. It seems like more are likely on the way.

The Sing-Along version of Encanto was Disney+'s first foray into this interactive new medium, and it seems like it's going well. The Sing Along versions of Moana and The Little Mermaid followed in July, and more have come since. According to a report by The Dis Insider, there are many more in the works, ranging from recent blockbusters to obscure classics from the Disney vault. So far, the social media response to these releases has been relatively positive.

In addition to the big hits, fans can now sing along to The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. On Aug. 19 fans got three more Sing-Along versions: Beauty and the Beast (1991), Beauty and the Beast (2017) and Tangled. For those that don't recall, the first Sing-Along version released was Encanto, which came to Disney+ way back on March 18, 2022. If that first movie was an experiment, it must have been a success, because Disney is clearly investing in more like it.

Sing-alongs aren't the only features rolling out on Disney+ lately. The service has been pivoting quite a bit lately as it tries to widen its reach and its available content. Originally, Disney+ sought to brand itself as the most family-friendly streaming service, with content that could be browsed by children of all ages with reasonable safety. However, this idea was flawed from the beginning with the inclusion of The Simpsons and other incongruous titles.

Earlier this year Disney+ added a profile PIN feature, allowing the primary account holder to set a four-digit password on accounts that wouldn't be used by children. With that, the streamer added some more mature titles to its catalog including the Marvel Studios Defenders shows. This summer, Disney+ took that even further with the first R-rated movies added to its catalog -- Logan, Deadpool and Deadpool 2.

While parental controls and R-rated titles build up one end of the Disney+ catalog, new things like Sing-Along versions fill the child-friendly end. Several Sing-Alongs are streaming now on Disney+.