'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Stars Aisha Tyler and Kirsten Vangsness Tease 'Elevated' Revival Series for Fans Old and New (Exclusive)

Criminal Minds: Evolution, a brand new revival season of the hit CBS thriller, debuts Thanksgiving Day on Paramount+. The show brings back everyone's favorite FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit crew for an extreme case involving a serial killer who has seemingly grown beyond the team's ability to profile him. Recently, PopCulture.com has a chance to speak with cast members Aisha Tyler and Kirsten Vangsness, and they made it clear that the "elevated" new series is not just for old fans.

"This is in some ways the 16th season of Criminal Minds, but this is the first season of Criminal Minds: Evolution. You can jump into this team right now and watch this season and have a great experience," Tyler told us. "You don't need to go back and watch the first 15 seasons to understand what's going on.  And because it is tonally kind of like a different show... because it's longer, it's just bigger and bolder and honestly a little bit like grittier and more authentic. Right? I mean, we don't have the restrictions of broadcast television."

She went on to joke, "The fact of the matter is, if you were a profiler and you stumbled across a body in a dumpster, you probably would say a couple of bombs. You know what I mean? It just feels more real. And I think that we have a big bad this season that takes us through the whole season really affect all the characters in really intimate and dramatic ways."

Tyler continued, "This 10 episodes, you can jump in and just watch these. And then if you want you can go back to the beginning or you can hang out hopefully for Season 17. It's really rich. I'm saying, if Oldster was a cheeseburger, this is a four-patty cheeseburger with bacon and cheese and barbecue sauce and onions, and the Bloody Mary on the side that's got another burger on top of the Bloody Mary.

Vangsness then added, "What's nice is someone who hasn't seen it, you could watch with someone who has seen it," Vangsness told us. "The person who has seen it will feel very smart because they'll be like, 'Oh you don't know about so and so.' But if you've never seen it, you would totally be like, 'Oh, I'm invested.'" 


The first two episodes of Criminal Minds: Evolution are now streaming on Paramount+. Fans can also relive all episodes of the original Criminal Minds series on the streamer as well. Those interested in trying out a free trial of Paramount+ can do so by clicking here. Stay locked to Pop Culture.com for more from our interview with the Criminal Minds: Evolution cast!