Apple TV+'s 'Central Park' Season 2: Henry Winkler Guest Stars in Exclusive Episode 6 Clip

Central Park Season 2 continues this week with another test of Bitsy's dwindling empathy. [...]

Central Park Season 2 continues this week with another test of Bitsy's dwindling empathy. has an exclusive preview clip of Season 2, Episode 6, "The Shadow," premiering on Friday, July 16 on Apple TV+. Scroll down to get an early look.

According to Apple TV+, the new episode of Central Park begins with a mystery where The Brandenham Hotel is robbed by a jewel thief. As you can see, Bitsy (Stanley Tucci) is more frustrated with her wealthy hotel guest for calling the police than with the thief. However, the crime does remind her of another criminal who once terrorized the hotel about 50 years in the past. The clip also introduces an insurance agent named Hank, voiced by Henry Winkler.

"It's a disaster," Bitsy says in a clip for the episode. "She's going to squawk about this to every hoity-toity bag of bones from here to Saint-Tropez. Can't believe she called the cops... You complain to the front desk! We buy you breakfast, you let the insurance people handle the rest, right? I mean, be cool!"

From the looks of this preview, Bitsy may regret being so harsh with the insurance agent, especially considering the $600,000 price tag on that necklace. However, it seems like Hank can let just about anything roll off of his back, so there's no telling what it will take to stir up some controversy.

Central Park is one of the most successful series to come out of Apple TV+ so far. Animated in the style of Bob's Burgers, the show is a musical comedy centering around Owen Tillerman (Leslie Odom Jr.), the park manager at Central Park in New York City, and his family. His wife Paige (Kathryn Hahn) is a local newspaper reporter, and they live in a cottage within Central Park itself with their children Cole (Titus Burgess) and Molly (Emmy Raver-Lampman).

Every episode is a full-on musical, and the all-star cast reflects that. The clip above features Hamilton star Daveed Diggs as Helen, Bitsy's embittered assistant. The show also stars Josh Gad as Birdie, a busker in Central Park who also narrates the show in an oddly meta arrangement.

Winkler joins a long list of acclaimed guest stars on the show, which ave included Fred Armisen, Ron Funches, Yvette Nicole Brown and Keith David among others. From the looks of it, Season 2 has only drawn in more talent and bigger production, highlighting the show's sleeper success.

Central Park is about halfway through its second season now. Episode 6, "The Shadow" premieres on Friday, July 16 on Apple TV+. Season 1 is currently available to stream on Apple TV+.