'Central Park' Season 2: Owen and Cole Hit the 'Motherlode' in Apple TV+ Exclusive Clip of Mid-Season Finale

Apple TV+ series Central Park will debut its mid-season finale on Friday and we here at [...]

Apple TV+ series Central Park will debut its mid-season finale on Friday and we here at PopCulture.com have an exclusive sneak peek clip for fans. In the preview of the episode — titled "Sir Bricks-A-Lot" — Owen and Cole hit the "motherlode" when looking online for some "Stacksters," the show's version of Legos. When they get the word that they can come and pick up a couple of tubs of the toy bricks, the two get excited and naturally, break out into a little song.

As they head out the door, Molly points out that Owen is not wearing pants. Paige then gets upset because she was going to let Owen leave pantsless because she thought it would be hilarious. Owen and Cole then race to the building in their golf cart speeding to get the boxes of Stacksters. They eventually arrive and walk out proudly with two tubs full. The new episode debuts July 30, only on Apple TV+.

In June, PopCulture.com had the chance to speak with Central Park star Leslie Odom Jr., who plays Owen, and at the time he teased what the show had in store across Season 2. "The Tillermans are still the Tillermans," Odom told shared. "We as a company, though, as a company of creators, we've gotten better and making our thing. I think that the jokes are funny, the songs are incredible this season — such good music and the songwriters, the list is going to blow your mind."

Comparing the animated comedy to other similar shows, Odom Jr. offered, "Part of the fun of The Simpsons or Family Guy or Bob's Burgers, these characters […] we can count on them. If it's a family that you like spending time with, part of the thing about animation is that they don't grow much. They certainly don't grow the kids." He then laughed and joked, "Bart Simpson is still around 9 years old."

Continuing his praise of the new episodes, Odom Jr. said, "I have to say Season 2 is even better than Season 1, [and] I think that there's some standout moments coming [this season]." He then shared that he has always felt the show's "pilot is really strong." He added, "We worked on it really hard for a long time, for a few years we worked on that pilot, and then I think that if you haven't had a chance to check out Central Park yet, check out the pilot and you'll see what the show is capable of. It's really kind of a good sampling of all that [the] show has to offer."