Candace Cameron Bure 'Almost Died' While Filming 'Fuller House'

Bure was in a scene that included a zip-line that malfunctioned and nearly fell on her.

It's been almost four years since fans had to say goodbye to the Tanner family for a second time, and Candace Cameron Bure is revealing that she actually almost died while filming Full House revival Fuller House. Via E! Online, the actress spoke to former co-stars Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin on their rewatch podcast, How Rude, Tanneritos! about how a zipline on an obstacle course almost killed her when it malfunctioned.

"I went through the course, and at the end, I zip-lined diagonally the length of the living room, and then I landed on a platform," Bure explained. "But during rehearsal, the rig was not set up correctly and there was no safety stop on the end of it. When I landed off the zip-line and stopped, the whole mechanism – which is all metal and very, very heavy – slid right off the track and came right next to my head within an inch. If I just even shifted my weight the tiniest bit, it would have probably broken my neck and landed right on top of my head."

Additionally, Bure recalled on-screen beau Scott Weinger's reactions, saying he "couldn't even get a word out because it happened within one second." Following the accident, Barber shared that Mark Cendrowski, who directed the episode, said they weren't going to do the stunt anymore and that the whole set was redone. The scene in question was later filmed with monkey bars instead to make it a whole lot safer.

Knowing what happened on set is definitely scary, and it's hard to imagine what the atmosphere was like after it happened. No one could have predicted that the zip-line would malfunction, but it certainly is lucky that Candace Cameron Bure came out unscathed. Who knows what would have happened if it fell right on top of her.

No matter what is being filmed, the entertainment business is truly a risky job, whether on camera or off. Even though the experience was "traumatic" for Bure, she stressed how much Fuller House means to her and how much she loved filming the Full House spin-off as an adult. Hopefully, there's another Full House series in the future, but if there is, perhaps big obstacle courses should not be on the list of stunts just to be safe.