Apple TV+ Renews Sci-Fi Drama for Season 2

As 2021 wraps, many networks and streaming services are renewing shows for additional seasons before the year ends. Apple TV+ Is the latest example of this, announcing that the freshman sci-fi drama Invasion has been renewed for a second season. While buzzier shows like Ted Lasso get most of the attention on Apple TV+, Invasion has quietly been drawing in fans all season.

For those who haven't tuned in, Invasion shows a number of different people dealing with the arrival of aliens and how these intruders affect them to their core. Starring Sam Nielle, Shamier Anderson, and Goldshifteh Farhani, Invasion explores classic science-fiction themes like what it means to be human and what experiences push people to their limits. 

Invasion was created by Simon Kinberg, who has worked on various X-Men films over the years. According to Kinberg, creating real feeling reactions to an alien invasion was his main purpose. "Now, obviously, you couldn't do that today, with social media and technology and marketing, and what you and I are doing right now," Kinberg told Polygon. "But I wanted to tell an alien invasion story that felt as real and grounded scientifically, emotionally as possible."

"There's a reason that this story isn't told with, like, the president and secretary of defense — those are not our main characters. Our main characters are a family in the suburbs, and a bunch of kids in a school bus on a trip," Kinberg explained. "I wanted to tell [an invasion story] the way it would be experienced by, you know, 99.999 repeating-percent of our population, and just be in the dark. I wanted all these characters to be in crisis, and for their drama to be strong enough that it could stand on its own without aliens. And the aliens are just this huge added bonus that blows [the drama] up into a bigger scale and a bigger stage." The season finale of Invasion begins streaming Dec. 10 on Apple TV+.