Andy Samberg Fans Just Got a Disappointing Movie Update

Andy Samberg fans are dying to see what the comedian will do next now that Brooklyn Nine Nine is at an end, but one project was just sadly taken off the list of potentials. In a new interview with, Jorma Taccone said that there is very little chance that he, Samberg and fellow Lonely Island member Akiva Schaffer will revisit Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Even in the age of reboots, Taccone said that that story has already been told.

Taccone spoke with about the new MacGruber series that premiered on Peacock last month. Naturally, the revival got fans excited about the idea of other comebacks. Like MacGruber, many fans think Popstar is a criminally underrated movie, but Taccone revealed that the idea of a revival has already come up. He said that the three of them are simply not that interested in pursuing it.

"I will say it's been asked. We've gotten a loose 'would you want to?' sort of thing," Taccone said. "I think we're always trying to push for something new. It takes so much effort to drop whatever it is that all three of us are doing, when it comes to Lonely Island, that I think that we'd want to challenge ourselves."

"It's the same thing for this series [MacGruber], too," he said. "We just wanted this to be bigger and better, or at least not let the true fans of this down. This, I think, is close to our hearts in a way that I'm like, 'Yeah, we got to do another one,' sort of thing. But with Popstar, if I did Lonely Island stuff, I think we'd want to do something new. Give people something new."

Taccone co-starred in Popstar as Owen "Kid Contact" Bouchard, one of the former members of the boy band Style Boyz. He co-wrote the movie with Samberg and Schaffer, and shared directing credit with Schaffer as well. On MacGruber, Taccone was a co-writer and the sole director of the 2010 movie, but did not appear on screen at all. In the revival TV series streaming now on Peacock, Taccone is the co-creator, director and producer.

MacGruber (2010) and Popstar (2016) have a lot in common in terms of their legacies. Both movies are considered underappreciated cult classics, with critical acclaim that was never matched by their commercial performance. Neither movie even managed to make back its budget at the box office, but since they were beloved by critics, this was considered by some a sign that blockbuster comedies, in general, were no longer viable.

MacGruber, at least, has found some redemption in its new form on Peacock. The show stars Will Forte as a cocky action hero on an impossible mission to take down a mysterious new villain. The series premiered on Thursday, Dec. 16 and is streaming now.