Major ABC Show Still Missing From Disney+ Despite Netflix Removal

Disney is still trying to figure out how to manage its various properties when it comes to streaming and a beloved ABC show seems to be one of the casualties. While Disney+ launched with what was seemingly an "every Disney movie or TV show" library strategy, that wasn't exactly the case. Furthermore, the company's acquisition of the 20 Century Fox library has further muddled what assets the company was willing to license to its streaming division (or its sister service Hulu). Numerous ABC Television shows fall into this category, including Galavant. As DejaViewstream reports, the two-season ABC show, which has garnered somewhat of a cult following, is nowhere to be found on Disney+.

While some Disney titles are in limbo thanks to pre-existing deals with Netflix and Starz, Galavant does not fall into the category. The musical show left Netflix in September 2020 and hasn't had a streaming home since. This absence from Disney+ (or even Hulu) is surprising given as it's an ABC Studios production that Disney-ABC Domestic Television distributed. Provided adequate licensing deals could be made, there should be way less red tape to get the show onto the company's own platforms.

Furthermore, the series seems like an absolutely perfect fit for Disney+. It's a fantasy musical that feels right at home next to Disney's countless classics in the genre. Its pedigree is great, too. Dan Fogelman, the screenwriter of Tangled and creator of This Is Us, is behind the show, with legendary Disney composer Alan Menken crafting music for the show alongside fellow composer Christopher Lennertz and Tangled lyricist Glenn Slater.

DejaViewstream also notes that a similar ABC hit, Once Upon a Time, was immediately placed on Disney+ after its similar Netflix exit. All signs would indicate that Galavant, which stars Joshua Sasse and Timothy Omundson, would soon receive the same treatment but that just has not been the case. While it's unclear when (if ever) Disney+ will start streaming Galavant, we here at will be sure to let you know.