'Tron' Show for Disney+ Scrapped While Still in Development

Disney+ has found itself off to quite the successful start ever since its launch in November. The streaming service found itself with 28 million subscribers in three months. The one issue, though, seems to be the company's decision to shut down shows, both that are in production and those who haven't begun yet, and delay its upcoming original series. A new story in The Hollywood Reporter revealed another series that was never announced but was ultimately shut down, Tron.

Slated to be an original series, the show was set to be anchored by John Ridley. The series was in the works, although never given the go-ahead, as Ridley was developing it with his ABC Studios deal.

The series was cut down before it ever truly got going, as did a few other original series, such as Book of Enchantment, which was going to tell a darker side to some of the more revered Disney villains, and Muppets Live Another Day.

A Tron series would have made a ton of sense from Disney's perspective. After all, Disney World in Florida is currently building a Tron rollercoaster that is scheduled to open in 2021. Tron Lightcycle Power Run originally debuted in Shanghai Disneyland Park in 2016 and quickly became the top attraction at the park.

Incorporating a Disney+ series that would coincide with the upcoming attraction in the states would have been an ideal marketing ploy had it not fallen through.


With a lot of attention paid to the series' that have been cancelled or delayed, such as Love,Simon being pulled from Disney+ and moved to Hulu, subscribers will be getting a bunch of new originals in the coming years. It was recently announced that the streaming service would be working on a sequel to Hocus Pocus, which expects to return all three Sanderson sisters.

The Proud Family also will be having a reboot on the service. Production is reportedly underway, though no release date has been revealed.