Here's What to Stream on Netflix This Weekend

With much of the country stuck indoors due to Winter Storm Hunter, Netflix is giving its subscribers plenty of things to tune in and watch.

As a messy trail of snow and ice covers a large swath of the country, making roads treacherous and the thought of remaining indoors even more enticing, streaming platform Netflix is rolling out new titles to help keep you occupied while you’re stuck inside.

For those already stuck indoors, the Netflix library expanded on Jan. 12 with the addition of the Netflix Original movie The Polka King. The comedy tells the true story of Jan Lewan, the Pennsylvania polka sensation who drew his fans into a Ponzi scheme and took millions from investors. Jan Lewan is also the topic of another release on the platform: The Man Who Would Be Polka King.

Friday sees the release of several other Netflix Originals too, the streaming platform also adding Kathy Bates-starring series Disjointed: Part 2, Somebody Feed Phil, a documentary that takes viewers on a goodwill eating tour around the world, and Tom Segura: Disgraceful to its library.

The second season of Colony, a science-fiction series set in the not-too-distant future, is also available for streaming on Jan. 12.

On Sunday, subscribers will be able to view Wild Hogs.

With a few more weeks left in the month and no sign of winter letting up anytime soon, Netflix has plenty of more tricks up its sleeve to help make the brutal temperatures, heavy snowfall, and slippery ice a bit more bearable. Netflix Original series Drug Lords will premiere later in the month, along with Trolls: The Best Goes On.

The rest of January will also see the addition of Disney-Pixar Cars 3.