Netflix Show Gives Crew Anti-Harassment Training

Cast and crew on the set of one hit Netflix show are receiving anti-harassment training.

“We've had meetings about it," Tommy Dorfman, who plays Ryan Shaver on the streaming service’s 13 Reasons Why, told The Hollywood Reporter.

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The Netflix show, which debuted in March, follows the story of Hannah, a young woman who tragically takes her own life. In a series of 13 tapes, she lays out the events that led her to commit suicide.

The show premiered to mixed reviews, some praising it for the way in which it explored real life issues that teenagers face, while others claimed that the series glorified the act of suicide. Its fate was ultimately left up in the air, some urging Netflix to pick it up for a second season, which the streaming service eventually did.

“They want to make sure everyone knows that this is unacceptable behavior on our production and if you ever feel unsafe in any way, do not hesitate to reach out,” Dorfman added.

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His statement comes in the wake of multiple sexual assault allegations that have been made against Hollywood big names. The accusations made against Harvey Weinstein put Hollywood under a magnifying glass, and the unglorified reality of Hollywood has been thrust into the spotlight with more and more people coming forward to report cases of sexual misconduct, harassment, and assault.

“The more people are destigmatizing this and speaking out, the less of this is going to happen. And the more power that women [and] gay people get in this industry, the less I'll have to be warned."