'Yellowstone' Star Cole Hauser Shows off His Clean Shaven Look for 'The Last Champion' Movie

Fans of Paramount Network's dramatic series Yellowstone are currently waiting for the fourth season to air after a stunning Season 3 finale. There is no set release date just yet, but Cole Hauser has another project about to become available. He shaves his "Rip" beard and coaches wrestling for the inspirational new film, The Last Champion.

Hauser showed off his freshly-shorn look on Instagram with a photo promoting his new film. He had no facial hair and looked more akin to his characters from 2 Fast 2 Furious and Olympus Has Fallen, but the change did not matter to his supporters. Fans commented on social media and proclaimed that they "can't wait" to watch the film. Several said that an uplifting, motivational story is exactly what the world needs right now.

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"A story of faith, friendship, love, addiction and redemption. Something we all need right now," Hauser previously wrote on Instagram about The Last Champion. He has promoted the wrestling-centric film as the release date draws near and has provided some key information about the plot.

Hauser plays a character named John Wright, a former championship wrestler and promising Olympian. Wright left his hometown in disgrace but returns 20 years later after his mother passes away. The character has to confront his past, as well as the residents that still hold grudges against him, but he gets a second chance by becoming the coach of a high school wrestling team. One of the students, Michael Miller, is a "thoroughbred" and has the ability to become a champion, but he is also a troubled individual.

The Last Champion will be available On Demand on Dec. 8. Viewers can purchase the film digitally through iTunes, Amazon and the Google Play store. The Last Champion is also available for preorder through iTunes.


In addition to showing off his fresh shave, Hauser also revealed that he is done filming Season 4 of Yellowstone and is currently working on a new project. He posted a photo on Instagram that showed a script sitting on a table with the ocean as the background. "Finished Yellowstone S4 yesterday. Landed in [Puerto Rico] last night. This is my new movie [Panama]. Inspired by true events in 1989," he wrote in the caption.

According to IMDB, Panama tells the tale of an ex-marine hired by a defense contractor to travel to Panama for an arms deal. The former marine becomes involved with the U.S. invasion of Panama and "learns an important lesson" about political power. In addition to Hauser, Panama also stars Mel Gibson, Charlie Weber and Victor Turpin among others.