WWE Star Sami Zayn Accuses 'Jackass' Alum Johnny Knoxville of Being a 'Psycho Stalker'

The rivalry between WWE Superstar Sami Zayn and Jackass alum Johnny Knoxville is not over yet. Recently, Zayn took to Instagram to post about a vegan restaurant in Montreal. In the post, Zayn shared photos of various foods while mentioning that he is a "foodie." That's when Knoxville went after the former Intercontinental Champion by calling him a different name. 

"'Something of a foodie,' you're something of a s— waffle!" Knoxville wrote. Of course, Zayn, who is never short for words, had a response to Knoxville's comment. Since Zayn didn't go after Knoxville, he didn't understand why he was being verbally attacked. 

"I can't even talk about enjoying a meal without this psycho stalker harassing me," Zayn wrote. Zayn and Knoxville faced each other at WrestleMania 38 in an Anything Goes match. Knoxville defeated Zayn by getting help from his Jackass castmates. Before the match, Knoxville spoke to Metro.co.uk about taking Zayn down at WWE's biggest show of the year. 

"Sami, he's not too bright and he just doesn't get it. I'm gonna have to teach him a lesson at WrestleMania," he deadpanned. "Luckily Vince McMahon has given me this honor of beating Sami down publicly at WrestleMania. I'm excited about nothing more right now."

Zayn spoke to Steel Chair before the WrestleMania match about the challenges he was going to face.  "I view it more as a breath of fresh air where we're able to kind of do all this creative stuff that you don't normally get to do when you're building a normal wrestling match because Johnny Knoxville is not a normal wrestler, so we get to do all these fun things that we normally wouldn't do when you're building just a normal wrestling match," Zayn said. 

"Actually, I found it to be a lot of fun so far, like the stuff we did where I went to Hollywood and I showed up on the red carpet and they had me thrown out when I texted him, and then he got my phone number and put it on the airplane and flew it over Los Angeles and it went out online and then me answering all these calls. Now I went to his hometown in Knoxville, and I'm interviewing people on the streets, so it's all really different stuff that you don't really get to see very often, and it's just a really unique way of building a rivalry and building interest in a match I've just found it to be so much fun.