Watch: WWE Star Ron 'R-Truth' Killings Releases New Single 'Set It Off'

Ron "R-Truth" Killings has been one of the top stars in WWE for years. And now he's looking to be a star in the music industry with his new single "Set It Off." Killings released the single on Friday and it's available on every music streaming service including Apple Music and Spotify. The video was also released on Friday and it has been getting positive feedback from YouTube users.

"It's all real now," Killings told earlier this month. "My roots is from music. I got involved with wrestling because of music. I've been doing music for a long time. I have a real producer and I have real music now. It's at the level and stage it should be now. I'm just trying to bridge that gap with music entertainment and wrestling entertainment."

Killings has accomplished a lot in the wrestling world, but music is something he was doing long before he was in the ring.

"I've been doing music before I've been wrestling," Killing said. "I've been wrestling for 20 years. I'm an OG in the music game. But now, people are really getting the fulfillment of everything they haven't gotten from me musically."

Where Killings is in his wrestling career, it could help him musically. He is considered one of the best champions in WWE history as he was won the 24/7 title 34 times. He has also won the United States Championship twice and the Tag Team Championship once. And there's so much more he wants to achieve in wrestling while making waves with his music.


"I'm going to ride this thing until the wheels fall off," he said. "I haven't even started yet. There's things I haven't even done, accomplished and goals I haven’t reached yet. And I’m off to a damn good start. I’m at the highest of my peak right now. I'm hot right now. Right now I got on a shirt, hoodie and a jacket on. Super hot. The sky's the limit. I am grateful to have the opportunity that I have now. I'm so excited for 'Set It Off.' After that, I got 'Hit em Up' coming."

The WWE Network will release a 24/7 documentary episode dedicated to Killings which will be released on Feb. 27. It will take a look at day in the life of Killings in the ring and in the studio.