WWE Star Ron 'R-Truth' Killings Looks to 'Bridge Gap' Between Music and Wrestling With New Single 'Set It Off' (Exclusive)

Ron "R-Truth' Killings is an established WWE superstar who is beloved by fans all over the world for his skills in the ring and his antics outside of it. In fact, one could make the argument he's one of the best champions in WWE history as he's won the 24/7 Championship 34 times. But as talented Killings is in the squared circle, his real passion is music as he's looking to take his musical skills to new heights with the release of his latest single "Set It Off," which will be released on Valentine's Day.

Killings has released music prior to "Set It Off," but hopes the upcoming single will help him get taken more seriously in the music industry in an exclusive with PopCulture.com.

"It's all real now," Killings told PopCulture.com. "My roots is from music. I got involved with wrestling because of music. I've been doing music for a long time. I have a real producer and I have real music now. It's at the level and stage it should be now. I'm just trying to bridge that gap with music entertainment and wrestling entertainment."

Ron Killings Set It off
(Photo: Richard Jenkins)

"Set It Off" will be available on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon Music, and once the single is released, Killings will continue to make more music that will eventually lead to an album.

"I've got about 30 songs," Killings added. "We have this plan that we’re going to pretty much attack the industry and drop a single every 4-6 weeks."

Fans get a taste of Killings' music skills every time he walks down to the ring with his entrance song "What's Up." The WWE veteran said the song was his idea and the fans instantly loved it.

"I produced that song at my house," Killings stated "I performed it first on a different TV network and when I brought to Vince [McMahon] and he heard it, they let me come out to it. The reaction with the fans and the interaction was an instant vibe. 'What's Up has transcended for years. It’s almost like my brand."


Killings has been doing music long before he's been in pro wrestling. Fans may know him more for his in-ring skills, but it looks like now he will be able to 'bridge the gap' with wrestling and music very soon.

"I've been doing music before I've been wrestling," Killing said. "I've been wrestling for 20 years. I'm an OG in the music game. But now, people are really getting the fulfillment of everything they haven't gotten from me musically."