WWE's Paige Goes Blonde, Now Looks Identical to Gwen Stefani

Paige is rocking a new look for the summer. This week, the former WWE Divas Champion took to [...]

Paige is rocking a new look for the summer. This week, the former WWE Divas Champion took to social media to display her bright blonde hair. Since Paige was wearing a red beanie to show her roots, it's hard to tell with the video if she really dyed her hair or was simply wearing a wig. However, Paige captioned the shot that she now looks like Gwen Stefani.

According to Ringside News, Paige revealed she was wearing a wig, but fans seemed to love Paige as a blonde. On Twitter, one fan wrote, "Gwen Stefani dreams at night that she looked like you." Other fans posted Stefani GIFs to approve the blonde hair, while another Twitter user stated: "Why do you actually kinda look her? That's insane." As of Thursday morning, the video has been viewed over 135,000 times with 12,000 likes.

Fans love seeing Paige being active on social media, but they really love for her to get back in the ring. The 27-year old was forced to retire in 2018 after suffering a neck injury. She is still not cleared to compete, but after seeing Edge return to action nine years after dealing with a similar injury, Paige is hopeful she will be back in the near future.

"He's just wonderful like I'm truly inspired by him," Paige said recently on WWE's The Bump when talking about Edge's return. "The fact that he went through the same as me neck-wise and then went away for like nine years and then all of a sudden he made this miraculous recovery and a return to the ring, I was crying." Paige continued and said she hopes to do the same thing. "It gives me hope that one day, even in nine years, you know that I come in at nearly 40 and get back in the ring again. I'll just come in like, 'Hey guys, I'm back!' and they're like 'No turn around.' But yeah, he inspires me that one day I can make a comeback."

Paige is a two-time Divas Champion. She won her first Divas title on her first night on Raw, beating AJ Lee in an impromptu match. Paige also won the inaugural NXT Women's Championship, which was a developmental branch of WWE at the time.