WWE On-Air Talent Tests Positive for Coronavirus

With multiple sporting events canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, fans have been left without many viewing options. However, WWE has been holding events at the Performance Center in Orlando without outsiders in attendance. The sports-entertainment company has not avoided the coronavirus now that an on-air talent has tested positive.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the person in question was not identified by WWE. The only information provided is that they are not among the professional wrestlers. The company did confirm that the person went out to dinner with two friends who work in the healthcare industry following the taping of several events, including WrestleMania 36. The person later began displaying symptoms and was tested.

Sources told Pro Wrestling Sheet that the person immediately went into quarantine after testing positive. They've been in quarantine the entire time but were later cleared of the coronavirus. They are reportedly feeling much better.

"A WWE employee has tested positive for COVID-19. We believe this matter is low risk to WWE talent and staff, as the individual and a roommate became symptomatic in the days following exposure to two people working in acute health care on the evening of March 26, after WWE's TV production on a closed set was already complete," WWE confirmed in a statement. "The employee had no contact with anyone from WWE since being exposed to those two individuals, is doing well, and made a complete recovery."

There are currently no plans to halt the production of future WWE events based on the on-air talent testing positive for the coronavirus. WWE said that it is producing content on a closed set with only essential personnel present. Additionally, the company said that it is following guidelines while taking additional precautions in order to further ensure the health and safety of performers and staff.

With WWE currently planning on continuing with future events, there are now questions about which wrestlers will be in attendance. Will Rob Gronkowski take part in a match after he secured the 24/7 title during WrestleMania 36? Will Roman Reigns return to the ring?

One person that likely will not be participating in any events is Ronda Rousey. The former UFC and WWE star angered wrestling fans recently when she called professional wrestling "fake fighting." She later doubled down on the comments by saying that fans don't want to bruise "pro wrestlers' huge soft egos."


While there may be questions about future events and participating wrestlers, the focus could potentially switch to health concerns. Having an on-air talent test positive for the coronavirus elicited comments on social media about whether or not wrestling is "essential." Several fans believe that WWE should postpone tapings for the time being despite confirmation that events will continue.