WWE Legend B. Brian Blair's Son Found Murdered

WWE legend B. Brian Blair's son Brett was reportedly killed this past Friday in Florida, according to Wrestling Inc. He was 29 years old. Steve Keirn announced the news at The Gathering on Friday Night in Charlotte. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio also spoke about the tragedy as details are still coming in as of this writing.

"I wish I knew [what happened]. He was murdered, and he was found in a construction site a couple of days ago," Meltzer said via Ringside News. "It's been … there's no answers, there's no clues that I know of and I heard from Brian [Blair] a couple of times today. It's just a horrible, horrible story that he's going through. His entire family is going through it, I feel so bad. Brett, who was named after Brett Hart was 29-years-old and there's not really a lot more other than it's been a horrible, horrible period."

In his upcoming biography, B. Brian Blair talks about his family. In one excerpt (per Slam Wrestling) Blair wrote: "I so vividly remember when my wife Toni and I wanted to start a family. Enjoying my tag team years as a Killer Bee, I played to the Good Lord that He would bless me with two boys — maybe twins or maybe through two separate pregnancies — because I wanted to have my own 'Killer Bees,' as I really liked my tag team partner 'Jumping' Jim."

In another excerpt, Blair wrote: I have to say that I have never felt as elated as I did when I watched both of my sons come into this world. It's an indescribable and an incredible experience. The deliveries were handled by Dr. Howard Johnson, who was a great OBGYN — a brilliant man with a great personality, a passion for his job and an affable human being! So after a little haggling with my wife over our first boy's name, Brett (named after Bret Hart … but my wife insisted on two T's in Brett) was born in May of 1992."


Brett attended Chamberlain High School in Tampa Florida and played baseball and golf. Brian, who had back surgery on July 16, competed in WWE from 1985-88 along with various promotions in his career. He made one half of the tag team The Killer Bees with Brunzell and competed in WrestleMania 2, WrestleMania III and WrestleMania IV.