WWE: CM Punk and AJ Lee Spotted out During Date Night at Chicago Bears Game

CM Punk is back with the WWE as he recently signed a deal with Fox to be on the new FS1 show WWE Backstage. But while he's getting ready to be back in the swing of things when it comes to pro wrestling, he took in a Chicago Bears game last Thursday night as they faced the Dallas Cowboys. And before the game returned from a commercial break, Punk and his wife, AJ Lee were shown on TV which was apparently their date night.

WWE fans had some fun with the couple on Twitter. One fan wrote: "BREAKING NEWS! WrestleMania 36 main event leaked...CM Punk & AJ Lee Vs. Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch is set to take place....Vince McMahon will address it on Smackdown."

Another fan is all about seeing Punk and Lee at the Bears game. The Twitter user wrote, "Love seeing CM Punk and AJ Lee at an NFL #TNFonFOX game! Love both of them but [AJ] has been an inspiration to me since I first saw her on WWE!"

And another fan has a prediction for Punk and his future with the company. "Looking at this, it makes me think we're definitely getting Cm punk vs Seth Rollins. Rollins loves the bears and never got a national shout out. Even if he did would anyone know who he was?" the fan wrote.

As of now, Punk has no intention on returning to the ring. However, he was back on WWE Backstage on Tuesday night and he gave his prediction on one of the more interesting storylines in the WWE which is the Lana, Rusev and Bobby Lashley love triangle.

"This is what I would do if I was the booker and I'm not obviously because I'm sane," Punk said via WrestleZone. "What you do is they have a match, they have a blow-off, right? I don't think Rusev wants to be involved with Lana anymore on-screen so Lana and Bobby go off, they do their thing, but eventually, you know what? Lana grinds on the nerves, Bobby's sick of her. So what they do is he leaves Lana too. They have another divorce, okay? They're out, they're out."

Punk goes on to say that Rusev and Lashley become a tag team and go after Lana as she gets a tag team to fight against them.


Fans are all about Punk back in the WWE, but they want him back in the ring. Punk has won the WWE Championship twice, the World Heavyweight Championship three times and he won the World Tag Team Championship with former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston earlier in the decade.