WWE's Carmella Shares a Kiss With Corey Graves in New Christmas Photo: 'Beyond Blessed'

Christmas is over, and New Year's Day is approaching. However, photos are still surfacing that show celebrities enjoying the holiday season. WWE superstar Carmella, whose real name is Leah Van Dale, showed this to be true with a photo of her kissing Corey Graves.

This display of affection was part of a series of photos on Instagram that showed Carmella enjoying the holiday season. There was the photo of her kissing Graves, as well as others that featured her posing with loved ones. Some were sincere while others were slightly goofier in tone.

"Had the best week with the best people. Beyond blessed," Carmella wrote in the caption of the photos. She also showed more of the relationship with a photo of her and Graves taking in a light display in Pittsburgh.

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The holiday photo shows that Carmella is enjoying her life with Graves, but that was not always the case. The couple initially began dating as the WWE superstar was starring in the reality show, Total Divas. There were also rumors swirling at the time that Carmella was the reason for Graves' and his previous wife splitting.

Their first date actually took place with the cameras rolling, which made the situation far more difficult for the budding couple. In fact, Graves has been unable to watch episodes of the reality show due to the pain that he felt at the time.

"No, it's been the hardest year of my life, I mean, on all aspects, just personally speaking," Graves told CBSLocal back in October. "To be totally blunt, I have not watched a minute of it as it aired, just because I don't want to reopen old wounds and delve back into that. I know she watches it every week, and she interacts on social media during the episodes. She's told me there's been a few times where it's pretty hard. It's rough."

As the photos show, the relationship is on far more solid ground, to the point that Carmella and Graves are enjoying the holiday season together. Having their life documented on a daily basis hasn't been the easiest situation to adjust to for Graves, but he has since explained that the process has resulted in some fun moments for the couple.


Photo Credit: Brent N. Clarke/Getty