WWE's Carmella Reveals Pre-Thanksgiving Workout

WWE superstar Carmella is looking forward to Thanksgiving because she will get a break from her busy schedule to eat and spend time with her family. However, WWE superstars have to say in shape so in order for Carmella to fully enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, she's working hard at the gym and she shared her workout on Instagram.

In the video, Carmella is working the ropes which hits a number of muscles and in the caption, the former SmackDown Women's Champion reveals the sole reason she's doing all of it: "Only doing this so I can eat a whole pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving."

The relevant post inspired a large number of fans to chime in on the post, with one writing how the "only way to money is work," while another added their excitement for her to indulge in an entire pumpkin pie. "A whole pumpkin pie then good luck champ," they wrote.

Another fan wants Carmella to help them get in shape, writing: "Please be my personal trainer."

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It looks like Carmella is having a strong ending to what was a very interesting year. She started dating WWE commentator Corey Graves and the relationship caught some heat after Graves' now-separated wife, Amy Polinsky, accused Graves of cheating on her with Carmella.

"This may be totally below me to do but I'm hurt. I'm sad," Polinsky wrote. "I've put 11 years into supporting a man to accomplish his dream only for him to punch me in the gut! I've been through suicide attempts, alcoholism, among so much more with him and stuck by his side. The kicker is finding out that he's been sleeping with one of my daughters' role models all long."

Polinsky then added, "[Carmella] and [Corey] I hope you guys are happy. I really do!"


Carmella denied any wrongdoing and she clapped back at people who attacked her on social media. Back in March, she wrote on Instagram, "When they can't find anything wrong with you, they create it. PERIODTTTTT."

Graves also denied cheating on his wife via text message from a third party. As for now, Carmella is moving forward and ready for 2020. And with her being on SmackDown which now airs on Fox, she has a chance to reach new heights in the WWE and become one of the top stars in the organization if she isn't already.