WWE's Carmella Dons Black Eye in Makeup-Free Selfie

Carmella just showed the price of being a WWE Superstar. On Sunday, the former Smackdown Women's Champion went to Instagram to show off a black eye she received while wearing no makeup. In the caption, Carmella explained here reasoning for sharing the post.

"No filter. No makeup. I felt like this photo was very apropos after the first episode of Total Divas," Carmella wrote. "Also - I hate when people say “well, it’s not ballet!” I was a dancer for over 20 years and that s--t was hard. So don’t compare the two."

Many of Carmella's fans commented on the post to show their support. Fellow superstar Lana commented on the post to agree with what Carmella had to say.

"1000000000000000 percent! I like to see all those people try ballet and then say that," Lana said.

One fan showed love to Carmella by writing, "You are a beautiful lady with or without makeup." Another fan said, "Even with black eyes u are always still looking fabulous." Another fan agreed with Carmella when it comes to comparing dance to wrestling, the fan wrote, Dance is most definitely a sport!!! I see first hand some injuries dancers have to go through and it’s tough! Not only that but they are constantly putting their bodies on stress!!"

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Carmella first mentioned the first episode of Total Divas and in that episode, she was arguing with Nia Jax about taking hits. Carmella referred to the time she was hit by Nikki Bella and received a black eye because of it.

"We're trying to break barriers and we're trying to tell people we can do things and we can make history and we can be the main event," Jax said in the episode via E Online. "And it's not gonna work if we're sitting there and we're running away from a hit."

Carmella has been through a lot this year. Back in February, it as reported that WWE announcer Corey Graves cheated on his wife with Carmella which was also pointed out on the show. That led to Carmella responding to fans who have been attacking her for the relationship.


"Social media has made too many of you comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the mouth for it," she said in a text message.

It appears the two are still together as Carmella posted a photo of the two in Las Vegas.