WWE Alum Stacy Keibler Throws out All Her Teflon Pots and Pans for This 'Terrifying' Reason

Former WWE star Stacy Keibler has a message for anyone and everyone who uses Teflon pots and pans. Keibler recently went to Instagram to share why she's throwing out her Teflon products. She referred to a film she recently watched and it opened her eyes to a chemical used to make the products is now a danger to our everyday life.

"Why am I getting rid of all my Teflon pots and pans??? Have you seen the documentary "THE DEVIL WE KNOW?" I'd bet that if you've seen it you've gotten rid of yours too," Keibler wrote on Instagram.

"This documentary was so shocking because it unveils one of the biggest environmental scandals of our time. "The Devil We Know" is a documentary that describes how a chemical used to make Teflon has seeped into our food, drinking water, and consumer products."

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Keibler went on to write how the water we drink today could lead to health problems such as cancer due to the chemicals in it. She wrote, "Just a couple of terrifying facts from the documentary: American babies are born with more than 200 chemicals already in their blood, as many as 110 million Americans may be drinking water with PFAs that are linked to cancer and other health problems."

Many on Keibler's fans had interesting things to say in her comments section. One fan wrote, "I wish we had better laws for the ingredients that go into products, food, hygiene products, cleaning products, plastics, etc. The world would be sooo much better if we appreciated nature and our health." Another wrote, "Everything has a little bit of radiation in it, but, not enough to kill us. I wouldn't worry too much about Teflon. Heck most people cook in iron skillets, that's got iron, which is hard for the body to digest but not harmful. And another fan wrote, "Uh oh. Someone didn't pay attention in science class."


Keibler is known for her work in WWE and WCW. She did not win any titles during her pro wrestling career but she was named WWE Babe of the Year in 2004. Keibler was also a participant in the second season of the ABC Show Dancing with the Stars and she finished in third place.