WWE Alum Blasts Company After Bray Wyatt Release

The release of Bray Wyatt by WWE on Saturday shocked the wrestling world and raised a lot of questions related to the reasons behind the decision. For many, outrage was top of the list and former WWE Diva and superstar Mickie James didn't hold back with some criticism.

Wyatt, real name Windham Rotunda, had been off WWE programming for months and cited mental health as a reason for his absence since WrestleMania 37. But according to Dave Meltzer, the release was related to the budget cuts that rocked other talents in past months.

James was released in earlier budget cuts back in April, surprising many fans and athletes that couldn't believe the talent that was being released. Soon after, James revealed that she had her personal belongings delivered to her in a trash bag, a similar turn of events that other released stars had experienced.

Director of Talent Relations Mark Carrano was quickly fired after the incident gained attention, but the criticism over the releases and the actions of WWE are still relevant, including James' comments today.

"I think what you meant to say was: 'Thank you so much for coming up with such an incredible gimmick (time & time again)," James wrote in response to WWE's tweet on the release. "[One] so cool & over, we really didn't know how to book it right. So we just gave it to someone else so we can still make ALL the money off of it & let you go.'"

Many took James' words to be a knock on fellow female wrestling star Alexa Bliss due to her involvement in Wyatt's Fiend angle at WrestleMania and the eventual assimilation of the gimmick into her role. James and Bliss both commented on the incident, with the former making it clear that she wasn't targeting her fellow superstar.

"This isn't against Alexa. I love her. She's an incredible performer who is killing it in a role she was given. She always does," James wrote. "We as artists take every role we're given & turn it into gold. He, she, they both did that. Like it/not. Facts are facts. So sorry if that offends you."


Bliss didn't acknowledge any controversy, focusing more on her time working with Rotunda. "I really am at a loss for words," Bliss said. "Thank you so much Windham for everything you've done for this company. The most fun I've had is working with you. Such an amazing talent & the most kind person. I'm just in shock."