WWE Alum Abraham Washington Scrutinized for Resurfaced Kobe Bryant Joke, Questionable Twitter Activity

Abraham Washington, a former WWE wrestler and manager, was fired by the company back in 2012 for a joke about Kobe Bryant. After Bryant died in a helicopter crash last Sunday along with his 13-year old daughter Gianna and seven other victims, the joke has resurfaced. SportsGossip.com took a look at the joke, which Washington made during an episode of Monday Night Raw. Washington was making light of Bryant's sexual assault case in 2003, which was settled out of court. While Washington's client, Titus O'Neil, was facing Kofi Kingston in a match, Washington yelled the joke from the broadcast table.

"Titus O'Neil is like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado – HE'S UNSTOPPABLE!" Washington said.

After the commercial break, WWE announcer Michael Cole apologized for the joke and Washington apologized on Twitter. WWE then issued an apology and Washington was terminated.

SportsGossip.com reported that Washington was recently liking questionable tweets about Bryant. That wasn't found on his Twitter account, but he did pay tribute to Bryant when he heard about his death. Back in December, Washington, whose real name is Brian Barry Jossie, spoke to Wrestling Inc. about the incident.

"Honestly, at the time I was hurt and shocked that I was released," he said. "So I said things that were unfortunate and I regret saying those things. I've since apologized to WWE and I've put it all behind me with a clean slate. But I'm very regretful for that stuff. I'm not sure what it was at the time as I was kinda reaching for straws. It was seven years ago so at this point, I can't even say."


Washington went on to say he learned from the mistake as he continues to work in the industry.

"The way things are, there is a level of responsibility that comes with having a microphone, whether it be live or taped," he added. "You have to be conscious of your environment and who you're working for and what the situation is. Do what needs to be done in order to make the show as great as it can be while working within that frame. If you decide to go into business for yourself and say or do things that aren't in accordance with your employer, then you have to accept the consequences."