Von Miller's Charity Hits $5 Million Mark for Providing Glasses for Kids

Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller is known as the man that nearly single-handedly wrecked the Carolina Panthers during Super Bowl 50, as well as one of the most-feared defenders in the league. However, that is not his only impact on the Mile High City. Miller is also trying to help children in need to obtain eye exams and glasses as part of his organization, Von's Vision. So far, this charity has been wildly successful for the Broncos star.

Wednesday, it was revealed that Von's Vision had officially passed the $5 million mark. These funds were used to provide vision care and eyewear to over 8,500 kids in the area, which was a wonderful moment for Miller.

As he explained on Wednesday, Von's Vision didn't start with the goal of reaching $5 million; he just wanted to help some kids and was inspired by other figures in the franchise such as Brian Dawkins, Tim Tebow, and Champ Bailey.

According to Von's Vision, providing these services to children is critical for multiple reasons. First off, not having the eyewear needed can actually hold a child back in their pursuit of education. Additionally, there is a link between undiagnosed vision problems and social fulfillment.

"Vision problems cause developmental difficulties and have been linked to anti-social /delinquent behavior. In the USA, up to 70% of juvenile offenders have undiagnosed vision problems."

While providing a new pair of glasses and a free eye exam is the main focus of Von's Vision, the assistance does not end there. Miller is well aware of the bullying that can occur when children don't have "fashionable" glasses, which only leads to them leaving the eyewear at home and continuing to struggle in school. After all, he is a man known for wearing glasses and also had to deal with issues of his own.

In order to help make the kids more comfortable and confident when heading to school, Von's Vision also strives to ensure that the kids have a pair of glasses that they actually like and will wear on a daily basis.


Reaching $5 million is a huge milestone for Miller and his foundation, but there is no time to rest. The Broncos pass rusher will continue to raise funds to provide for those in need and has even pledged $2,000 for every sack that he tallies during the upcoming season. His goal is 20 sacks, which would raise a considerable amount of money for Von's Vision.