US Soccer Star Carli Lloyd, Secret Deodorant Troll Tampa Bay Buccaneers With Ad

Secret Deodorant trolled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the help of U.S. soccer Carli Lloyd. This past Sunday, the Bucs lost to the New York Giants 32-31 as kicker Matt Gay missed a game-winning field goal. That led to Secret releasing an ad that features Lloyd as she's trying to be a kicker in the NFL.

"Hey Bucs fans, do you sweat 34-yarders? Carli Lloyd doesn't," Secret Deodorant wrote in its advertisement. "Secret believes strength is more than overcoming what makes us sweat. It's continuing to pursue progress and equality in all industries & sectors. Women may not play professional football (yet), but isn't it time for a level playing field wherever she wants to play?"

This past summer, Lloyd was seen kicking 55-yard field goals at Philadelphia Eagles training camp. That led to an NFL team offering her to kick in a preseason game. She was interested in the offer, but since the soccer team was getting ready to play against Portugal, Lloyd was forced to turn it down.

"Knowing Carli, I don't think she would just hop on and do it," Lloyd's trainer, James Galanis said via Fox Sports. "She would need a couple of weeks training just to get comfortable and acclimatized. But things have escalated and it is real.

"I think Carli is perfectly made out for a job like that. She loves the pressure. She's got one of the hardest kicks in the world when it comes to women. She is great at long range balls, she displayed that by scoring a goal from just past the halfway line in a World Cup final, and she is definitely in tune with the mechanics. She would be an ideal candidate."

It's unlikely Lloyd will kick in an NFL game this year, but she knows she can get the job done if she does get the opportunity.

"I know that I could actually probably do it. Put on the helmet, strap on the pads, go for it," Lloyd said, per Peter King's Football Morning in America. "The mindset I have, I think with practice, I know I have to work on my steps and my technique, but I think I could do it and do it well. It could be a huge pivotal moment. There is no reason why a woman could not do this. And I actually invite the pressure. I love the pressure. When I have to nail something — shooting hoops, ax-throwing, kicking a field goal — that is the moment I live for and want."


According to the Tampa Bay Times, the Bucs have had 11 different kickers in eight seasons. Maybe giving Lloyd a call wouldn't be a bad idea.