UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman Suffers Heart Attack, Recovering in Hospital

UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman is recovering in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. News surfaced on Saturday night after one of his daughters posted a photo of him in the hospital. Coleman later provided an update on his Instagram page and expressed optimism about his recovery.

The photo showed him in a hospital bed, giving the thumbs up and smiling for the camera. Coleman then detailed how he felt pain and had his arms go numb. He headed to the hospital and learned that he had suffered a heart attack due to a blockage of a major artery. Now he remains at the hospital but expects to make a full recovery.

"I hadn't been feeling so well for quite some time something hit pretty hard Tuesday about 7:00 pm chest locked up my arms went numb sounds pretty obvious but I didn't want to believe," Coleman wrote on Instagram. "I walked around and laid down for about 6 hours it didn't get better I texted my daughters I didn't want to go wasn't fair to them so I grabbed my keys made it to the hospital for sure there was nothing wrong but yes there was complete blockage of a major artery if I don't go I'm probably not here today I'm so glad I went I have so many things I want to do.

Coleman then wrote that the doctors would try to "break through the artery" and put a stent in. He thanked all of the fans for the love and support said that he is motivated. Coleman finished by declaring that it "wasn't my time" and that it was now time to live.

A former collegiate wrestler at Ohio State, Coleman won the NCAA wrestling title in 1988. He also competed in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Coleman then turned his attention to MMA and entered the world of UFC. He compiled a record of 16-10, became the first heavyweight champion in the promotion's history by defeating Dan Severn at UFC 12 and faced off with some of the sport's earliest stars.


Coleman's last bout took place in February 2010. He faced off with Randy Couture and lost in the second round via rear-naked choke. The Hammer has remained away from the octagon since, but UFC fans continue to reminisce about his Hall of Fame career.