UFC Champion Amanda Nunes Posted This Baby Photo Amid Cris Cyborg Drama

UFC Women's Featherweight champion Amanda Nunes is tied up in the sport's latest controversy, but she isn't sweating it. Nunes, who was challenged by former UFC fighter Cris Cyborg before her release, took to Twitter on Saturday morning to post a photo with her niece Anna Lara, whose mother is Valdirene Nunes.

Nunes' fans loved the adorable shot, complimenting the 31-year-old and pointing out just how cute her niece was.

Surprisingly, no one mentioned the ongoing UFC controversy surrounding Cyborg, which Nunes was pulled into.

After defeating Felicia Spencer at UFC 240, Cyborg, confronted UFC president Dana White, demanded that she receive a rematch with Nunes, who defeated Cyborg at UFC 232. During that conversation, Cyborg also pressed White for allegedly implying that she was scared of Nunes.

Cyborg then uploaded a video of the conversation, but it was highly edited to make it look like White admitted to making up lies about Nunes. In reality, he acted supportive of Cyborg, told her she'd get a rematch with Nunes and told her that he never said she was scared of Nunes.

"We'll do it. We'll get it done," White said. "Listen, when you hear me saying stuff, I'm not saying negative things about you."

Cyborg added, "But you say I'm afraid. I'm not afraid in the mind."

White replied, "Never did I say you're afraid."

However, Cyborg's team uploaded a doctored clip, angering White. UFC then released her from her contract.


Cyborg soon apologized and took the blame for posting the edited video. However, White and UFC have not changed their decision as of press time.

Photo Credit: Hans Gutknecht/Digital First Media/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images