Tyler Skaggs, Late Los Angeles Angels Pitcher, Is Still Getting Tributes in His Final Instagram Photo

It's been over three weeks since late Los Angeles Angels Pitcher Tyler Skaggs passed away, and his final Instagram photo is still getting tribute comments from mourning fans. The photo is from when the Angles were headed to Texas to take on the Rangers in an MLB match-up. The team posed with cowboy hats on in front of their airplane. In the caption, Skaggs wrote, "Howdy y'all" and included a cowboy hat emoji.

Weeks later, that posts is still getting comments from fans who miss Skaggs and are upset about his untimely loss.

"I thought looking through his pictures would help, I did smile but then I cried, to young God why?" one perosn commented, adding, "[Praying] for his loved ones."

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"You were a good one Tyler, I remember when my daughter called you, and you were walking in the other direction but heard a little girls voice asking for an autograph, you came over to her and signed her ball," someone else wrote. "You were a Class Act... May you rest peacefully and my prayers and condolences to your family."

"I am so sorry that this happened to you. I know that you are very worried about your wife and family right this moment. I am crying with you, hopefully one day your tears will completely go away and the tears will become hope for you and your family. At this moment, no one can accept this horrible tragedy, but you will not keep crying forever," another fan said.

"Please look for a pure light ahead of you, that will heal your heart and take you to a brighter place. All of your family members, friends, and fans are with you. Don’t worry, your wife will be taken care of by your sweet family," the fan added. "We believe that one day, you will guide your friends and Angels’ family to a better place. Thank you very much for being so nice to Shohei, we sincerely appreciate your friendship."


"Hi, my name is Brandon and I’m a 13 year old boy from so cal. I’ve grown up and always will be an angels fan. The minute I saw @tskaggs45 I love to watch him pitch," one other young fan posted. "Then, I saw him get hurt which was a bummer but when I found out he passed away I was devastated. You are an amazing person @tskaggs45 . You will always be an idle to me. RIP."

At this time, Skaggs' cause of death is unreported.