'Tosh.0' Host Daniel Tosh Blames Alabama Loss vs. LSU on 'Trump Curse'

Comedian Daniel Tosh who is the host of the Comedy Central show Tosh.0, had an interesting reaction after the Alabama Crimson Tide lost to the LSU Tigers at their home stadium. Tosh went to Twitter and he blamed President Donald Trump since he attended the game.

Tosh believes there is a "Trump Curse" because it was the first time Alabama suffered a home loss in three years.

Tosh's fans had some interesting things to say about this on Twitter. One fan wrote, "He didn’t come to see Bama. He came to see future Heisman winner Joe Burrow!" Another fan wrote, "Trump tomorrow: Alabama was losing by 20 points.....20 POINTS! and BECAUSE OF ME,! they only lost by 5! Thank you Mr. President!" And this fan wrote, "He's 0-2 going to games. But after Washington loss Washington Nationals won the World Series and I believe Alabama wins it all this year despite this one game. Don't believe in curses or luck people. LSU earned this win!"

Tosh isn't the only person to think there's a curse when it comes to Trump. While the President was welcomed by the fans at Bryant-Denny Stadium, that happiness changed as soon as the clock struck zero and the Crimson Tide suffered their first loss of the year. But head coach Nick Saban did not blame Trump for the loss. In fact, he thinks the Crimson Tide can reach the College Football Playoff.

“We don’t need to waste a failure,” head coach Nick Saban said per 247Sports. “There’s a lot of lessons to be learned from the things that we did and didn’t do today. I think that everybody’s got to make a commitment to finish the season the right way. We don’t really control our own destiny, but if we finish the season the right way, we can see where it takes us.


“We’ve been in this situation before, so I think the big thing is everybody needs to learn from the mistakes that we made today and try to get better.”

It's possible Alabama could still reach the playoffs if they win the rest of their games and get a little help along the way. The last time, Alabama won the national championship was in 2017 and they were able to reach the playoffs without playing in the SEC Championship game.