Topgolf Executive Shares Details on 'Angry Birds' Game Coming to Venues This Fall (Exclusive)

Topgolf has been one of the top sports entertainment companies for the last 20 years as guests have the opportunity to play golf in a very entertaining way and this fall, it is taking things to a new level with the introduction of its newest game, Angry Birds. Designing a first-of-its-kind interactive golf experience, the game is a version of the 2009 mobile game that has since been downloaded 4.5 billion times. But there one reason why Topgolf really wanted to add Angry Birds to the mix.

"As a company that blends technology and entertainment, we're always looking to create new, fun and dynamic experiences for our guests to enjoy," Lynda Firey-Oldroyd, Chief Customer Officer at Topgolf Entertainment Group, told exclusively. "We see Angry Birds at Topgolf as something that does just that, and think it will be a game-changing addition to our existing gaming collection."

There are 13 different games guests can play at Topgolf. For Angry Birds, it's a different experience as it will use Topgolf's exclusive Toptracer ball-tracing technology to blend the act of hitting a golf ball with the destruction seen in the mobile game. Guests will be able to partner with notable characters Red, Chuck and Bomb to take down virtual Topgolf targets. Firey-Oldroyd said Angry Birds will be available the majority of U.S. locations, but a target date of when the game will go live has not been set.

"Angry Birds at Topgolf game will be available at venues that utilize Topgolf's exclusive Toptracer ball-tracing technology, which as of now is 30 of its 58 U.S. venues," she said. "We are always looking to expand our Toptracer technology to more venues across our network, and our guests at other venues can expect to still garner some of that Angry Birds fun with touchpoints that will be announced closer to launch. As for timing, the Angry Birds game at Topgolf will be available later this fall, however, an exact date is still being finalized."


To provide an inclusive experience to the guests, Angry Birds will have three difficulty levels - beginner, intermediate and advance. Firey-Oldroyd also noted Topgolf is "excited about this partnership allowing us to engage the millions of loyal Angry Birds enthusiasts who can now experience the popular game in a new and innovative way while visiting select Topgolf venues." If things go well with Angry Birds, its possible more games like this could be seen at Topgolf in the near future.

"As a company deeply rooted in innovation, we're always thinking through partnerships that bring together golf, gaming and fun, such as Angry Birds at Topgolf," Firey-Oldroyd said. "We will continue to listen to our Guests and work to deliver the best experiences possible."