Tony Dungy's Son Takes Job at Publix Amid Coronavirus Pandemic to Help Others

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced many businesses to temporarily shut down due to health and safety concerns. Grocery stores, however, have remained open due to being essential. People need to be able to buy food, and now the son of Super Bowl-winning head coach Tony Dungy is stepping up to provide assistance.

The former Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers leader posted a photo on Twitter that showed his son wearing a Publix apron. He explained that it was Jordan's first day of work and though he knew the risks, he wanted to help those at the grocery store. Instead of remaining at home with his family, Jordan would be going to Publix.

"Thank you, Jordan. I have so much respect for the grocery store employees I've interacted with in the last month. They're doing a difficult job with good cheer, they're keeping us fed in a crisis, and they deserve our eternal gratitude," Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk wrote in response. Several other people said that they would be praying for Jordan as he strives to help others.

While the majority of responses on social media were positive, there were a few that were fairly critical of the decision. One person said that sending Jordan to work at Publix was "ignorant" and that he should stay home because he has the means to do so. Although several others reacted to this critique by writing that Dungy's son should be praised for having a work ethic and the will to help others.

There are still health and safety concerns at all grocery stores, but various brands have attempted to avoid any potential issues. Costco, Walmart and other stores have implemented rules limiting the number of shoppers in the store at one time. Others have also erected plastic shields that prevent physical contact between the shoppers and the cashiers. At-risk customers that are 60 or older can use special shopping times in which they are the only people in the store.


These steps taken have not been perfect, but they have been made in pursuit of limiting the spread of the virus. However, each store still requires employees that are willing to show up each day. Jordan is among this group, and Dungy is very proud of that fact.