Tom Brady Teases Plans for 2023 NFL Season

Tom Brady is having a challenging 2022 season, and it comes after he retired in February only to unretire in March. Does this mean 2022 will be the final season in the NFL? While appearing on the Let's Go! podcast this week, Brady was asked by co-host Jim Gray if he'll "at least be back next year," while teasing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback about getting to  "the 18-game portion of that win streak."

"That's right, that's right. I'm on borrowed time anyway, so," Brady said while laughing, per PEOPLE. Brady went on to say that he "loves competing still" but plans to take the future "day-to-day, game-to-game at this point." Right now the focus for Brady is helping the Buccaneers win, especially now since the team is now 5-6 on the year after losing to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. 

"I love the sport, so I love the preparation for it. I love seeing us improve and get better. And I think there's definitely things on the practice field that have improved," Brady said. As much as the Buccaneers have struggled, Brady is having a solid season when it comes to his individual stats. In 11 games, Brady has completed 66% of his passes while throwing for 3,051 yards, 14 touchdowns and two interceptions with a 92.4 passer rating. And despite the record, the Buccaneers are in first place in the NFC South. 

"I love playing. I love competing," Brady said, per Pro Football Talk. "I love trying to be a little bit better every day. I love going out there with a sense of purpose to try to get better. And ultimately, I love trying to play at a championship level for my teammates. . . .  And obviously there's challenges every year. Everybody has unique challenges, you know, on and off the field. You work as hard as you can with the circumstances that are presented before you. We're just going to keep fighting 'til the end and we'll be measured by, again, by what happens over the course of a long season." 


Brady is looking to avoid his first losing season ever as a starting quarterback in the NFL. He spent his first 20 seasons with the New England Patriots and led the team to nine Super Bowls appearances while winning six of them. He joined the Buccaneers in 2020 and won a Super Bowl with the team during the 2020 season.