Watch Tom Brady Rip Into Patriots Receivers During Loss to Texans

The New England Patriots are 10-2 and it looks like they will give themselves a chance to reach the Super Bowl once again. However, the team is struggling right now and Tom Brady has had enough. During the team's 28-22 loss to the Houston Texans, Brady was seen sounding off on his wide receivers. In the video, Brady is seen telling the receivers to be "faster," "quicker" and "more explosive," basically "everything" needed to play in the NFL on a weekly basis. And that led to a number of Twitter users reacting to Brady.

One fan believes Brady should be calling out himself for his play. The fan wrote, "He's 9 of 25 for 90 yards and a pick deep into the third quarter. Anyone else doing this would be roasted alive on ESPN for the next week."

Another fan called out Brady's tackling skills after throwing an interception in the loss. The Twitter user wrote, "Now they need to tell him to try and tackle the guy that he threw the. Interception too....what a wus attempt at a tackle.....he is sickening."

And another fan let Brady know that he has a wide receiver that has done everything asked of him. The fan wrote, "Julian Edelman is as fast & explosive as he's going to get at this point in his career, Tom."

Edelman finished the night with six receptions, 106 yards and one touchdown. However, he was the only wide receiver to make an impact as Mohammed Sanu, Phillip Dorsett and rookie N'Keal Harry combined for only 29 receiving yards and no touchdowns. After the loss to the Texans, Brady explained what they need to do better.

"[It's] just execution," Brady said to reporters "[We've] got to do a better job. Tough to get behind and come back. We just put ourselves in a pretty deep hole and you can't do that on the road. We didn't get the job done. We're all trying to do a good job out there, and give [the Texans] credit, they played well. We didn't make enough plays and it just wasn't a great game. We're battling. We're trying as hard as we can.

"Hopefully we can make enough plays and be the best we can be."


With the loss, the Baltimore Ravens now have the No. 1 seed in the AFC. So the Patriots have some work to do if they want to have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.