Tom Brady Posts Heartwarming Father's Day Tribute Photo at Augusta National Golf Course

Tom Brady is spending his time in Tampa Bay in preparation for his first season with his new NFL team. His focus is on getting in sync with his teammates, but the six-time Super Bowl champion recently took time to shine a light on his father. Brady celebrated Father's Day by discussing the impact that Tom Brady Sr. had on his life and NFL career.

Brady posted a photo on Father's Day that showed him and Brady Sr. standing side-by-side on the golf course. As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB revealed, this photo was special for several reasons. He was spending time with the many that would do anything to help him find success, but he was doing so at a special location. The father-son duo was playing golf at one of the most famous and exclusive courses in the entire world, Augusta National in Georgia.

"From as early as I can remember, there was NEVER a moment where you didn't have the time for me," Brady wrote in an expanded Instagram post. "Whether you drove me to Terry Whitfield's batting cage in Burlingame at 8pm after dinner the night before a big game, or brought me to CSM to have football Coach Tom Martinez tune me up before the football season, or whether I would visit you at your office and you would write down math problems on your yellow note book to keep me busy, you always followed thru and showed me the way. You taught me how to treat others and you worked every day of your life to provide your kids with an opportunity to follow their dreams!"

As Brady explained, his father still serves as an inspiration. The Buccaneers' QB plans on emulating Brady Sr. and following his example while raising his three own children. Brady experienced life with a loving father, and he plans on giving his children the same experience.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Brady has highlighted his relationship with his father. He previously posted a rare photo in celebration of Brady Sr.'s 76th birthday. Brady was unable to be with his father for a birthday party due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but he still sent his love on social media.