Tom Brady Has No Time for Antonio Brown Lawsuit Questions

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady reportedly told Bill Belichick that he was "one million percent" in favor of signing Antonio Brown after the Raiders parted ways with their former receiver on Saturday morning. Unfortunately for the man dubbed "Tom Terrific," Brown has only been on the roster since Monday but has already created a situation in which he must field unwanted questions.

The Patriots QB learned this on Wednesday after news broke about pending allegations against Brown for rape and sexual assault. He was asked by local reporters if he had anything to say about the lawsuit. Brady's response was a simple "no," but that was not enough of an answer for the reporter.

They continued to press the issue by asking "Not a word?" Slightly perturbed, Brady shot back by asking, "Didn't I just answer that?"

"I'm just trying to show up and play football," Brady said during his press conference. Trying to prepare. Miami's a good team. I'm going to get ready for them, and things that don't involve me, don't involve me."

Unfortunately for Brady, this is only a brief glimpse into his life for as long as Brown remains on the New England roster. The former Steelers and Raiders wide receiver is a man that has generated a lot of drama in recent months, which led to many questions for his fellow teammates and former coaches. Jon Gruden of the Oakland Raiders and Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers can attest to this fact, as can New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.


During Belichick's media availability on Wednesday, he was asked a multitude of questions about Antonio Brown and the lawsuit filed against him. Every time the Patriots coach attempted to change the subject back to the Miami Dolphins, another question about Brown would be asked. The back-and-forth grew increasingly tense and eventually ended with a standoff.

Brady's relationship with the media is less combative than that of his head coach, but that doesn't mean that he is welcoming the questions about the new wide receiver. In his mind, it's far more important on Wednesday of a game week to focus on the upcoming opponent. Legal issues surrounding other players are not his concern.