Tom Brady Asks Players to 'Demand Answers From NFL' About 2020 Season

Tom Brady is ready to get things going with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, with the coronavirus pandemic still a big problem in the country, Brady and the rest of the NFL players are looking to play this season and stay healthy at the same time. The NFL is still putting together a contingency plan as players report to training camp, and Brady decided to send a message to the players about their concerns for playing this year.

"There are more questions than answers, but we must have faith in our @NFLPA leaders, both players and staff, to get the game and the business of football in the right place," Brady wrote on Twitter. "Let's stay unified & demand necessary answers from the [NFL] as partners. We're all in this together." This comes a few days various NFL players including Patrick Mahomes and Drew Bees going to social media and asking the league for a plan for training camp and the regular season.

One of the reasons a set plan hasn't been put in place is the NFL and NFLPA have been going back-and-forth about finalizing a deal. One of the biggest issues was preseason games as the players didn't want to have any as they wanted more time to get ready for the regular season since there were no OTAs or minicamp. The NFL agreed to eliminate preseason games, and players will be required to be tested for COVID-19 daily for the first two weeks of camp.

"The NFL still wants the players to take a reduction in pay in 2020," NFL Network's Mike Garafolo said when talking about discussions between the NFL and NFLPA. "Now that is something that the players have been adamantly opposed to the entire time that this has gone on. The health and safety, the opt-out if a player doesn’t want to play this year, these are things that there’s been a lot of progress with. And as far as the players are concerned, once the health and safety stuff is taken care of, boom, let’s go, we’ve got nothing left to discuss."

Brady is in a very interesting position in his career along with the COVID-19 pandemic, he's joined a new team after spending 20 years with the New England Patriots. This summer, Brady has worked out with his new teammates despite the NFLPA urging players to stop with group workouts due to players testing positive for COVID-19.