Tim Tebow Helping to Provide 150 Life-Changing Surgeries to Children in Need

One of the more positive trends on Facebook is the concept of nominating a charity that your friends can donate to instead of buying a present. This is a movement that has helped raise money for humane societies and other organizations in need. Now, however, Tim Tebow has taken the idea to a new level.

The former NFL quarterback and current baseball player is on the cusp of turn 32 years old, and he wants to celebrate by helping the less fortunate. He released a video on Sunday, explaining that he has been asked multiple times if there are any specific gifts that he wants. However, Tebow has decided that in lieu of physical gifts, he wants donations in order for the Tim Tebow Foundation to provide 150 surgeries to kids in the Philippines.

“I’m so grateful for your generosity and well wishes,” Tebow said, but just like last year, what I would like more than anything is to celebrate my birthday with you by changing lives at the Tebow CURE Hospital. Without us, these kids in the Philippines wouldn’t be helped, wouldn’t be loved, and wouldn’t receive the life-changing care they need.

"I would love to celebrate 32 years of life by helping kids in their darkest hour of need. That is a true celebration. For my 32nd birthday, my goal is to fund 150 life-changing surgeries for kids at the Tebow CURE Hospital, and we can make that happen by coming together to raise $150,000 - $1,000 per life-changing surgery. Let’s celebrate together and join as one team so we can change lives for the better.”

At this point, the campaign has six days remaining and has raised $15,498 through 139 supporters. This is far shy of Tebow’s ultimate goal, but it will provide 15 surgeries. Although there is plenty of time remaining to reach the $150,000.


The Tebow CURE Hospital, which is a partnership with CURE International, is situated in Davao City, Philippines. This center, which opened in 2015, provides orthopedic pediatric care and specializes in treating conditions such as clubfoot and spinal deformities.

Tebow was originally born in the Philippines and has spent his entire life traveling between there and the United States. His parents have served as missionaries to the country for more than 30 years, and Tebow has spent as much time as possible helping out as well. This birthday charity drive is the latest example of the work that he is doing for the Philippines.