Tiger Woods Shows Support for Black Lives Matter Movement

Tiger Woods is very supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement. Before competing in the Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio, Woods talked to reporters about the issues going on in the country and said Black Lives Matter movement is "fantastic." He hopes the movement will lead to changes in the future.

"I think change is fantastic," he said in a press conference via CNN. "As long as we make changes without hurting the innocent -- and unfortunately that has happened, hopefully it doesn't happen in the future -- but a movement and change is fantastic." Woods went on to say the Black Lives Matter movement and change will help society "grow" as well as "move forward." He also stated, "Unfortunately, we've lost innocent lives along the way, and hopefully we don't lose any more in the future as we move to a much better place socially."

Woods knows all about the racial issues in the country as he's biracial. In a 1990 interview, he talked about the impact he wanted to make on the golf world when he gets older. "Since I'm black, I might even be bigger than Jack Nicklaus," Woods said via The Undefeated. "I might be even bigger than him, to the Blacks. I might be sort of like a Michael Jordan in basketball." When asked about the tournament he wanted to win once he turns professional, he said the Masters because it would be big for the Black community. "The way blacks have been treated there. [Like] they shouldn't be there," he said. "If I win that tournament, it will be really big for us."


Woods has won the Masters as well as a slew of tournaments during his long and storied golf career. Now he's playing in his first PGA Tour tournament in five months and recently admitted, it will feel very different since no fans will be in attendance. "I'm used to having so many people around me or even touch me, going from green to tee," Wood said. "That's something that I looked at and said, 'Well, I'm really not quite comfortable with that, that whole idea." Woods turn pro in 1996 and was ranked the top golfer in the world in 1997. In his career, Woods has won 15 major tournaments including the Masters five times and the PGA Championship four times.