'Tiger King': Joe Exotic's 'I Saw a Tiger' Music Video Turned Into Mizzou Football Hype Clip

Netflix's new docuseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness, has taken over social media and is one of the top-streamed shows during the COVID-19 outbreak. Viewers are fascinated by Joe Exotic, as well as his entire look. Some fans have even taken his country song "I Saw a Tiger" and used it to create a hype video for the University of Missouri.

A Twitter user named Matt Moreno revealed that he had downloaded a Missouri Tigers hype video and paired it with Exotic's song. He quickly discovered that the music fit extremely well with clips of the football team. Moreno then added in clips from Exotic's music video, including those that showed former zoo owner standing on a pickup truck and strumming an acoustic guitar. The result was a video that fans couldn't stop watching.

"The true tragedy will be if every tailgate isn't blasting this at the first home game in the fall," one Mizzou fan wrote after watching Moreno's video. Others actually called for the song to be played over the stadium loudspeakers during every home game.

The hype video drew so much attention and praise that fans of other teams even chimed in. One supporter of the University of Kentucky said that this was "the best hype video ever!"

The music, as it turns out, was not actually written and recorded by Exotic. Slate actually discovered that the songs from Tiger King were written and performed by Washington state musicians Vince Johnson and Danny Clinton. They connected with Exotic through an ad in which he was seeking a theme song for his zoo but didn't realize that he would be taking full credit.

The music may not have been created by Exotic, but the Missouri fans are loving how well it fits with their favorite football team. Moreno has even teased a future purchase of a custom Mizzou jersey featuring "Exotic" as the nameplate. All he requires in order to make this purchase is for Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock to retweet his creation.


Lock was a star for Mizzou and was ultimately selected by the Denver Broncos in the 2019 NFL Draft. He has such a substantial fanbase that a simple retweet could make Moreno's hype video go viral.

(Photo Credit: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)