'The Match II': Fans Want More After Watching Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady Compete

Golf is not officially back, but fans got a taste of it when Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady took part in The Match II on Sunday. Woods and Manning were a team and took on Mickelson and Brady. The former came out on top, but it was all about money being raised for the event, which ended up being $20 million for COVID-19 relief. The event had great shots, trash-talking and ripped pants, which led fans wanting more of these types of events down the road.

In fact, it's very likely The Match III could be on the way as ESPN said "it's almost inevitable." Woods and Mickelson wanted more of these type of matches, which is why they got together back in 2018. It's not known if Manning and Brady would return, but Bob Harig of ESPN has an idea to make things interesting for the third event. "Next time, put Tiger and Phil together," Harig wrote, "How about taking on Rory McIlroy and Thomas? The young guys might be favored, but with a big payout on the line, who is to say the veterans won't prevail?"

There were a few fans who had ideas about who should be matched up in another event like The Match II. "Let's do this again!" one person on Twitter wrote. "Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods vs Tony Romo and Phil Mickelson! What do you think?" Another person said it was not anything extravagant, but it was still very entertaining. So simple but a delight to watch. You felt like you where in the cart with all 4 of them. Bravo to all involved! Now let's open the counties spigot and get to the gettin on!"


Because of the money raised and seemingly a number of fans tuning in on Sunday, it's very likely another gold event like this will happen again very soon. And the next time it happens, fans will be able to attend the event, which wasn't the case this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.