The Masters: Tiger Woods Celebrates Dustin Johnson's Championship

Sunday afternoon, the 2020 Masters came to a close with Dustin Johnson as the winner. The world's [...]

Sunday afternoon, the 2020 Masters came to a close with Dustin Johnson as the winner. The world's top-ranked golfer set a new record with a score of 268 over the four rounds while finishing 20 strokes under par. The defending champion in Tiger Woods was on hand for the performance, and he offered his congratulations to the first-time champion.

Woods posted a photo on Twitter after the tournament came to an end. He showed himself putting the iconic green jacket on Johnson and welcoming the 2020 champion to the exclusive club. Woods also took some time to joke about the upcoming champions dinner. As the defending winner of The Masters, Johnson will have to put on a feast for his fellow champions when they return to Augusta National.

Johnson was clearly emotional on Sunday while meeting with reporters. He tried to talk about winning The Masters multiple times but had to stop and wipe tears from his eyes. His voice also cracked, which led to comments about new experiences.

"I've never had this much trouble gathering myself," Johnson said to reporters, per "On the golf course I'm pretty good at it, out here I'm not. I've put in a lot of hard work. I've got a great team, who…" Johnson stopped and wiped his eyes once again. "Jesus — I can't even talk."

Sunday's final round of competition was not ideal for the defending champion in Woods. He entered the round at five strokes under par and an opportunity to move up the leaderboard. However, struggles on the 12th hole disrupted his plans. He registered 10 strokes on a par 3 and then proceeded to finish the tournament at only one stroke under par. This score put him in a tie for 38th overall.

According to an article on Woods' official website, he felt good entering the tournament but struggles with some pain as The Masters continued. His right knee caused issues while bending over to pick up his tee and ball. Similarly, a stiff back hobbled him during the third round. Woods tried to keep up with Johnson's pace on Saturday but only gained one stroke.

"I can walk all day. The hard part is bending and twisting," Woods said. "I think that's part of the game, though, and so that's always been the challenge with my back issues and I guess will always continue to be."