Stone Cold Steve Austin Has Critical Advice for Football Players

With the calendar nearing mid-September, football season is in full swing. The NFL just completed the first week of action while the college teams are entering week three of action. This is an exciting time for those that love to spend the entire weekend watching as many games as humanly possible. For Stone Cold Steve Austin, this is the time of year when young athletes need to continue growing as players, and he has the perfect advice to help in their quest.

Tuesday afternoon, the host of Straight Up Steve Austin on USA Network posted a photo on Twitter of him catching a tallboy in the middle of the wrestling ring. Yes, this was a beer, but Stone Cold wanted those that play football to see the lesson. As he explained, you have to always look the beer/football into your hands. Secure the catch before turning and running down the field toward the end zone.

This may seem like a very obvious piece of advice, but it's impressive how many players struggle with this concept. Each week, games in both the NFL and NCAA are filled with examples of players trying to make a big play but failing to secure the pass before running. This issue has plagued receivers and running backs for years, often leading to interceptions or dropped passes.

Well, Stone Cold is tired of seeing those mistakes on the football field, and he wants to help out the football players that are willing to listen. With his tried-and-true advice for catching footballs (i.e. beer), it's possible to achieve both goals of catching the pass and making a big play for the team.


Stone Cold actually had the perfect opportunity to test out his own advice during the summer when he interviewed Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield for an episode of Straight Up Steve Austin. The pair spent most of the day driving around Berea in a Warthog from Halo and racing recliners, but they also spent some time on the practice field. Austin ran some routes for Mayfield and head coach Freddie Kitchens and caught the passes thrown in his direction.

The veteran wrestler may not have been the fastest man on the field considering that he is built for strength instead of speed, but he succeeded where others failed. Stone Cold Steve Austin looked the football into his hands and he secured each pass from Baker Mayfield. It's time for football players around the world to follow his example.