Stephen A. Smith Trolls Dallas Cowboys With Spotify Wrapped Meme

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith is known as a man that doesn't hide his feelings about certain teams or situations. This is especially true when discussing the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, Smith's dislike of "America's Team" is so strong that he believes it has been documented by a popular music streaming platform.

With the end of the decade approaching, Spotify users have been clogging up social media with graphics detailing their top artists and playlists from the past 10 years. Smith posted a similar photo on Twitter Friday, but his version just documented the number of times that he has laughed at the Dallas Cowboys and those that support them.

According to Smith's post on Twitter, he has spent 55,125,125 hours laughing at Cowboys fans. This accounts to 2,296,880 days, or roughly 6,292 years. Either Smith miscounted, or he is immortal.

Throughout his career as a sports analyst, Smith has made it very clear that he dislikes the Cowboys and enjoys their suffering. Although that is mostly due to him "hating" the fanbase. As he explained to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in November 2018, the fans just completely annoy him with their bold proclamations.

"I've been running across Dallas Cowboys fans all my life, including some members of my family. I just can't stand them," Smith said. "It's all fun-loving, but it's what I say all the time. Y'all could go 1-15 and lose on a Sunday in January at 7 o'clock and by 7:15, y'all will be like, 'You know, we're going to win the Super Bowl next year, right?' Nothing annoys me more than Cowboys fans."

Additionally, Smith explained that he doesn't see the Cowboys as America's Team. In his mind, this team is supposed to personify excellence, but "there is nothing excellent about the modern-day Cowboys."

With the recent loss to the Chicago Bears, the Cowboys are now 6-7 on the season. They could still land in the playoffs due to the lack of consistency within the division, but the prevailing belief is that this team will not last beyond the Wild Card.


If so, Smith will only have more opportunities to laugh at the Cowboys, which will be "documented" by Spotify. Although the co-host of First Take certainly has time to make up until he reaches his aforementioned 55,125,125 hours.

Photo Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty