Steph Curry Will Sponsor Howard University Men's and Women's Golf Programs for Next 6 Years

Steph Curry may be one of the most famous figures in the NBA, but the Golden State Warriors star is making his impact on another sport. It's common knowledge that Curry is "obsessed with golf" after he made a video about how the sport haunts him, and now he is sharing his love of the links with a deserving school.

Monday, Curry headed to Washington DC to announce that he would be sponsoring two golf programs at Howard University. The school currently does not have the ability to field golf teams, but he will be making a seven-figure donation to Howard in order to make this a reality.

With his six-year sponsorship, the university will create men's and women's golf programs.

"I was blessed at a young age that we could afford to play," Curry told the Washington Post. "I just think about how many kids, especially from underserved communities, have the talent to play but just don’t have the funds or the resources."

As he explained, the interest in sponsoring Howard University originally came about due to the influence of a senior named Otis Ferguson, who had turned down an offer to play collegiate golf in order to attend the school. Ferguson had formed an unofficial golf club at Howard and was trying to work with the university president to make it an official team.

Ferguson sent multiple progress updates to Curry via email, which helped inspire the NBA superstar to get involved. Howard hasn't had a golf team since the 1970s, and it has never featured a D-I program in its 152-year history. Curry's sponsorship will be changing that fact and helping Howard make history.


There are two aspects of this sponsorship that are very interesting. This won't be a simple donation where Curry hands out money and walks away. No, these funds will first be used to hire the coaches and will be paid out over the course of the six years. The goal is for the program to become self-sustainable during that time.

Additionally, the players that join the golf team will have a unique requirement. They will be expected to volunteer at "Eat. Learn. Play.," which is Curry's foundation that encourages healthy development in children. That's a small asking price for the ability to play golf at Howard University.