'SNL' Mocks Lack of Sports Coverage in 'At Home' Skit

Sports fans have been left without many viewing options in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The NBA suspended the season on March 11 while MLB postponed the upcoming games. Similarly, NASCAR and the UFC both pushed back some major events. This lack of action has been upsetting to many fans, which SNL addressed during a recent skit.

The short clip featured Alex Moffat in the role of a Sky Sports reporter. Although he had recently been furloughed due to the coronavirus. He still wanted to provide some updates for the fans, so he headed to the drawing-room and used a spatula for his microphone. The report that followed was less focused on sports and more on the odd details that he noticed after weeks of remaining in self-quarantine.

Moffat started with the thrilling race between his two laptops. He pushed the power buttons and waited to see which would boot up first. However, this race only lasted 6.25 seconds. This quick finish resulted in Moffat moving onto the next event.

The action continued over the course of the video and included matches burning, popcorn popping and bananas ripening. At one point, Moffat tried to show some excitement while proclaiming, "this is why we watch sports!" He finished by revealing that he and his wife had spotted a number of birds during the day.

The SNL skit was meant to be joking in tone, but there are some sports fans that have turned to alternative viewing options. Specifically, marble racing has become more prominent in recent weeks. Multiple videos have been posted on social media that have shown groups of marbles "racing" each other during dirt tracks. An announcer called the action while providing names for each of the competitors. Marble racing doesn't quite have the same level of excitement as the NBA Finals, but the fans have still found enjoyment in the odd pastime.


Now, however, there could be further hope of returning sports. The Chinese Professional Baseball League kicked off the 2020 season on Sunday with a game in Taiwan. There were no fans in attendance other than robot replacements and mannequins, but the fans were still able to watch real baseball.

Having the CPBL return on Sunday does not guarantee that sports will soon be taking place in the United States. However, many fans viewed this as a positive sign. They immediately expressed hope about the NFL starting on time while other leagues return to action.